Kids Activities needed for a healthy life

by Akkarawuth Kamwan on 24-02-2012
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Kids Activities needed for a healthy life

I was watching the kids sport session at school yesterday. Thinking how great it was the kids where running around, huffing, puffing sweating and most of all having fun being active.

Except for one child! Was he injured or hurt? I soon found out the answer.  He just could not keep up! I really could not believe what I was seeing. A really quite big child who was really to big for his age.

Dare I say the PC incorrect word “Fat” child? This poor overweight probably bordering on obese child was just sitting on the sidelines, I could see he was feeling very dejected. As I watched, he got up and started to walk around a bit, clearly wanting to join in the fun. The most shocking part of this was that not one teacher on that sports field either noticed, or cared about him.

This poor child had no encouragement from the teachers to try to join in. It would appear that this kid due to his size and lack of fitness probably gets no motivation at home to eat healthy and to get involved in some sort of kids activity. Now it would appear that some schools or some teachers can’t motivate the kids that are maybe less active or not as fit as the rest of the age group.

Hence, this child receives no encouragement from home or school to get fit, eat healthy or become involved in some kids activities. I hear he gets quite a hard time from the kids at school due to his size. Research and evidence, has proven and is very clear that active kids and teenagers become active adults.  If this continues this child will become an unfit, overweight and unhealthy adult plagued with numerous illness and issues.

You cannot let this happen to your kids. If you notice that, they are not doing as many kids activities as they did before.

  • Encourage your kiddies to take up a sport or activity.
  • Review their dietary intake and requirements.
  • Can you make some healthy adjustments?
  • Ensure they are involved in some healthy activities for kids.

Remember this is for their life not just for a few weeks or a month.  Healthiness is a way of life not a destination. It is not too late to register for the upcoming winter season. The ActiveActivites directory provides details of all your local winter sports clubs. Get your kids out there and get them active, healthy and happy.   Remember, Have Fun Kids!