Aquatic Centres for Kids

Get your kids in the water! Get your kids in the water!

For fun and fitness, get your kids to an aquatic centre! Aquatic centres are common throughout South Africa and provide a great opportunity for parents and kids to enjoy a vast array of water based activities, swimming lessons to pool parties. Aquatic centres usually feature a swimming pool as their main attraction and are often a venue for sporting activities such as swimming carnivals and water polo.

Information on aquatic centres for kids in South Africa

Will your kids enjoy a visit to an aquatic centre?

Whether you are looking for a way to tire your kids out or help them become the next Cameron Van der Burgh, a visit to the aquatic centre might well be the answer. Getting involved in swimming and other water based kids activities may provide your children with valuable opportunities to:

  • Have fun - most kids love to splash around in the water. Some aquatic centres even have water slides and wave machines.
  • Improve fitness - swimming is great exercise and can improve strength and cardiovascular health.
  • Learn safety skills - learning to swim is an important safety skill for any child.
  • Improve social skills - swimming either as part of a team or splashing around with other kids is a great way to make friends.

Swimming lessons can start when babies are around 6 months old and continue through to adulthood. Kids who are proficient swimmers can get involved in various sports including water polo and swimming races. Whether your child is a competitive athlete or just likes to have a splash around, they will enjoy a trip to the aquatic centre.

Most aquatic centres have a café or food kiosk attached, as well as showers and changing facilities. Although there are lifeguards beside the pool, very young children or those who aren't confident swimmers need to be carefully supervised. Many aquatic centres have a toddler pool where little ones can enjoy the water under your supervision.

How to organise a visit to an aquatic centre with your kids

Aquatic centres are generally open all year round, although some are closed on public holidays. Entry is usually fairly inexpensive (around R10 for adults), and most centres offer family discounts and multiple visit passes. Swimming lessons are available at most aquatic centres, and cost around R320 for a half hour group class.

When taking your kids swimming, always make sure they have a change of clothes and a towel. Inflatable swimming aids can add to the enjoyment of the pool but must not be used as a substitute for constant supervision.