Pony Riding for Kids

A cute little pony waiting for a ride! A cute little pony waiting for a ride!

Pony riding is a popular kids? activity in South Africa

Small children can enjoy a simple pony ride at a fete or show while older kids can hit the trails or compete in pony games!

A video of Pony Riding for Kids

A cute 3 year old kid trying to ride his pony!

Information on Pony Riding for Kids in South Africa

Will your kids enjoy Pony Riding?

Do your kids like animals and the outdoors? They would probably enjoy pony riding. Ponies are smaller than horses, so are well suited to small or young kids who might be intimidated by a large horse. Many kids, particularly girls, love ponies and riding can give them the chance to form a close bond with an animal as well as getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. Why should you consider taking your kids pony riding?

There are a number of benefits including:

  • Great form of exercise for both fitness and strength
  • Can improve confidence
  • Teaches kids values such as respect and discipline, and helps them develop nurturing qualities
  • Gives kids an interest in the outdoors

Kids can start learning to ride a very small pony at around 3 and progress to larger animals. Recreational trail riding is a popular way for kids to spend time outdoors and explore the local area. There are also formal competitive events and the chance to play fun pony games for children who are interested. Horse riding associations and pony riding clubs can add a social element to equestrian activities , and are often a great way to make friends. However, pony riding is one of those kids’ activities that can become an expensive sport.

How can you organise Pony Riding lessons for your kids?

Not sure where to start? Your local riding stables or equestrian centre will offer pony riding lessons for kids either as part of a group or on an individual basis. Kids’ horse riding group lessons are a great way to start and are cheaper than individual tuition. A half hour lesson usually costs around R220 an hour and around R400 for a two hour trail ride. Young children can be led by someone on foot when on trails.

Most riding schools offer all year round weekend lessons and kids can start any time. Your child will need appropriate clothing including closed toe low heeled shoes and leggings or suitable pants. Hard hats are usually available at the pony riding school or you might prefer to buy one to ensure a perfect fit.

Whether you choose to hit the trails, have your kids learn on a more formal level, or stick to the pony riding on offer at the next local fete, pony riding will be a thrilling and fun learning experience for kids!