Why do I need an instructor?

Why do I need an instructor?
This is a question that pops into prospective guitarist’s minds.

I would like to give you the definitive answer as to why you do.

We live in a day and age where there is an abundance of freely available information. All you have to do is hit up Google and you can find thousands of videos and articles on how to do anything, including how to play the guitar. ”Why do I need to fork out money then for an instructor?” you might ask yourself.

The answer is simple. In order to master anything, you need guidance. You need to know where to start, what to work harder on, you’ll need to understand why you are working on certain sections and you’ll need motivation. All of these things you won’t find from Google my friend. These things are vital aspects and make the difference between success and failure.

When I sit down with protective students I ask them what their guitar playing goals are. I then keep these goals in mind when planning their classes so I can help them reach them. I’m there to explain things to my students when they are confused, I give them direction, motivation and above all I know what it takes to help them succeed.

So yes you can get information online for free. But information by itself does not make you a guitarist, it’s how you use that information. That’s where an instructor is VITAL.

I’m an instructor, a motivator, an accountability coach, a guide, information. All these things and more.

An instructor can be in person or online, both will give you all the benefits.

So get an instructor and succeed.

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