Hip Hop Dance for Kids

Your kids will love this popular form of street dance! Your kids will love this popular form of street dance!

Are your kids born performers? If your kids love to dance and perform death defying stunts, then they might like to channel their energy into hip hop dancing. Hip hop is a modern style of dance involving a series of moves set to hip hop songs. It's often called urban or street dance, and originated on the streets of America in the 1970s. South African kids have been quick to embrace the style!

Information on hip hop dance for kids in South Africa

Will your kids enjoy hip hop dance?

For cool kids who like to be on the edge, hip hop dance can be a great form of exercise and has many other benefits including:

  • Improved strength and fitness through regular exercise
  • Enhanced social skills from meeting other children and learning as a group
  • Better co-ordination from learning to perform complicated moves
  • Fun - hip hop is great fun for kids of all ages who like to move to the beat!

Hip hop dance is one of the more energetic kids activities for kids and may be ideal for those who enjoy performing and like to challenge themselves. The edgy urban image often associated with hip hop and break dance can give kids a boost to their self esteem and help them feel more confident and socially-outgoing.

How to organise hip hop dance lessons for your kids!

Formal Hip Hop lessons can start at around age 5,, with students progressing from simple dance steps up to more complex moves such as breaking, locking, popping, and krumping. There are a number of South African dance schools that offer hip hop dance classes. Most kids beign with lessons in a dance academy studio and then progress to street dance competitions if they feel inclined.

Hip hop dance lessons vary in cost but you can usually expect to pay around R200-R350 for a group session with a qualified teacher.

Specific dancewear generally includes loose fitting clothing and comfortable running shoes. Make sure your child's shoes are clean - it's a good idea to purchase specific running shoes for indoor use only so you don't mark the floor of the studio. If your child progresses to the stage where they are performing in shows or want to attend auditions, you may need to purchase specific costumes.

Don't miss these hip hop dance stars and events!

Street dance contests are popular. The ,ost well-known international street dance competition is the Dance to Las Vegas, where elite street dancers compete to perform in the World Hip Hop Dance Championships.