YMCA for Kids

Plenty of activities are provided at YMCAs! Plenty of activities are provided at YMCAs!

The YMCA is a worldwide not for profit association dedicated to helping young and disadvantaged people of all ages to maximise their potential and learn new skills. With so many kids activities to choose from, your child will never get bored!

A video of YMCA for Kids

These kids are taking part in a thriathlon as part of their YMCA involvement!

Information on YMCA in South Africa

Will your kids enjoy the YMCA?

Are your kids interested in playing sports, making new friendships or learning new skills?
With activities for kids ranging from martial arts to drawing and plenty in between there will probably be something at the YMCA for them. The YMCA is aimed at helping children develop a healthy spirit, mind and body and activities can start at a very young age with child care and preschool education programs as well as camp and weekend activities for older children. Members of the YMCA can even take advantage of cheap hotel and backpacking facilities when they are travelling.
Other benefits include:

  • A chance to make new friends for children and their parents
  • Opportunities for children to learn new skills and develop their interests in a supportive environment
  • Regular social events for the entire family to meet other families and have fun
  • A chance to be part of a community
  • Access to a range of community initiatives including support services, disability services and educational help for kids who are struggling
  • A chance to travel and get involved with international activities through a world alliance of centres and networks
  • Becoming a member can give you discounts off a number of other services including recreational activities and leisure centres

Want to take your baby to their first swimming lesson?
The YMCA offers an AquaSafe program for children aged 6 months up. Through a range of other activities very young children can explore and discover new interests such as gymnastics, music and art and older children and teenagers can develop their leadership skills and help the community.

How can you organise YMCA activities for your kids?

There are YMCA centres all over South Africa and a quick look on the ActiveActivities Directory should uncover the closest one to you, along with a list of the activities and services they provide. There is an annual membership fee and assistance is available for those with disabilities and those who are in financial hardship.

YMCA centres are open all year round and many of their activities run during term times. You can join at any time but if you want to book your child in for a term program it is a good idea to book early. If there’s no YMCA in your area you can check out similar voluntary associations like youth centres and sports federations for activities for your child.

No matter what your child loves to do, let the YMCA help!