School playgrounds not a great place for kids activities

by Akkarawuth Kamwan on 22-05-2012 Kids Health & Fitness
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School playgrounds not a great place for kids activities

Are you kids getting  any exercise at school?

It use to be the case as kids we run like crazy around at recess and lunch time boys and girls alike. Playing whatever was the "in game". Soccer, rounder's, softball, tag and its many variations, handball, skipping - it seemed anything really as long as us kids could run, play and have fun with our mates. We were happy, the teachers were happy and generally our parents were happy. The kids had spent a day at school - had plenty of exercise- socialized with their mates and if you were lucky the kids might have actually learnt something as well. All in all a day well spent.

But, now in a lot of the schools across the country it is not the case.  We have a number of problems arising that are resulting in kids not having an area to run around in during break times. Some of the issues we see arising are:

  • School overcrowding: More and more demountables are being erected on what use to be the playing fields
  • School development: The government is trying to invest in schools. Having graders,work trucks, demolition gear on site of these developments is resulting in       " no go zones" for many kids - which generally means no play area again.
  • School contamination: There are a number of reports of playing fields being contaminated with horrible chemicals etc. Obviously, it is in the best interests of our children that the schools close these areas immediately to protect our children's health. Unlucky for the kids that played on these fields, unknowingly whilst the fields were contaminated.

There are endless issues that arise from above however, my concern is that the kids are coming home from school - just not themselves - a litty bit edgy perhaps?  Kids need kids activities, areas to play, to be physically active and many are just are not getting the opportunities during school hours. Many parents are now finding themselves dragging their kids around the local neighborhood to get some exercise and hopefully let of all that energy. This could be a good opportunity for the whole family to get some exercise - however I do see many a screaming match as many kids do not rate walking around the streets as a great activity for kids.  Providing it is safe to do so - you could try a bike ride  or bush walk after school. There are thousands of fun, free or cost effective after school activities that both you and your family can try or take up. For comprehensive details and ideas visit the directory.