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by Akkarawuth Kamwan on 15-05-2012 Kids Performing Arts
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Parents & Kids Activities

Have you ever been on the sideline of a sporting game or kids activity and been very embarrassed by parents behavior?  I am sure you like I have witnessed many instances where a parent is just that bit to competitive or aggressive on the sideline. Maybe ridiculing a small kiddy for not getting that goal.

This week I  witnessed a coach screaming at a child to get off his team.  All just because he asked a coach a question. I didn't realize that the sporting fields were still living in dictatorships.   Then of course you would have also witnessed the behavior of those parents that really should be playing the sport themselves. I am sure you will agree there is many a parent that should be joining their local adult Netball or Soccer Clubs.  For those of us that are a bit confused as to how we should behave on the sidelines below are 9 basic rules for all to follow both on and off the sporting field and kids activities arena.

1.Your kids are partaking in their chosen kids activities for their enjoyment and development not yours.

2. Actively, encourage your kids to participate in kids activities, forcing kids to do a kids activity does not generally lead to great results or enjoyment

3. Remember, it doesn't matter if your kids win or lose its how they play the game or activity

4. In sport - rules are made to be followed - not to be broken. Encourage your kids to know and follow the rules of the game

5. Never belittle or yell at kids for making mistakes - sometimes the biggest mistakes are the best lessons

6. Remember that children learn best by example – applaud and congratulate everyone in the team for a job well done

7. Teach your children to appreciate and respect the coaches, managers and officials these people dedicate many hours to helping our children within their chosen kids activity

8. Respect umpires’ decisions and teach children to do likewise

9. Keep reminding your kids - that activities are for fun!

We are all sitting on the sidelines of that sporting field or sitting in the eaves listening to the 100th rendition of "Chop Stixs" for one reason only and that is our kids.

It doesn't matter what sport or kids activity your kids are partaking in , I believe players, coaches,  instructors and parents should all show respect for each other.  It's not so hard. The aim of the game is to have fun not cause an argument.

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Have Fun Kids!