Kids Party Activities

by Akkarawuth Kamwan on 11-05-2012 Kids Parties
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Kids Party Activities


For me it's that time of year again........Party time. I don't mean for me with lots of presents and luxury beauty appointments . No, it's the kids  birthdays and so party season is with us again. Try as I might to dissuade my kids from having a birthday party this year!  I suggest every second year - not an unreasonable request. I am failing miserably again......I am not suggesting banning birthday parties just trying to limit, the work (on me), the cost and inevitable vast consumption of junk.

I must say at this point my kids are not entirely to blame here - I have from the day of birthday, for reasons quite beyond me now, installed a family culture of "Party Week". We typically celebrate our birthdays-  especially the kids in the following ways.

1. On your actual birthday day:  Choose the family dinner & of course have a cake

2. We go out for a family meal - birthday child - choosing their restaurant , with extra special desert

3. Finally the kids birthday party

I guess I have no one to blame but myself, my kids think this is a "Family tradition".  So I have decide this year , to not only reduce the work load on me but also reduce the cost. My final words on the parties have been " If you want a party organize it yourself". With a sneaky hope that the parties might be forgotten. But, atlas its not to be - my kids have taken upon themselves to organize everything, shopping lists, kids activities to  be played, party bags,  everything - I have not thought of the party or done a thing to help.

Am I a bad Mother? I think not - my kids are learning great skills. They are thinking about everything, that comes with the party. They are developing life skill and learning the basis of managing projects. This is  beginners project management 101.  The kids have used extensively the ActiveActivities directory for help and ideas on kids parties.


Have Fun Kids