Make maths fun – introduce your child to piggy banking!

on 27-06-2013 Kids Education
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Make maths fun – introduce your child to piggy banking!

I don’t know about you, but my kids seem to get a lot of joy out of receiving simple pocket change. Kids are so perceptive to that golden rule we adults continually seem to forget: save your cents and soon you’ll have dollars! It’s important that kids receive at least some financial education early in life, as it instills them with a sense of what things are worth and how hard people work to pay for things. Kids love having a little bit of pocket money to buy themselves small treats without having to rely on their begging and pleading skills!

Last week, my husband came home with two small piggy banks for the girls. They were over the moon with excitement, and couldn’t wait to started doing some chores so they would have some change to fill up their new toy. Unimaginable, right? Chores! And don’t be fooled by the traditional moniker: there is an amazing variety of “piggy” banks available for all ages and tastes. Tessa loves elephants at the moment, and dad was able to find her an elephant-shaped money box, while Jessica got something more sophisticated that looks similar to a jewellery box.

At the moment, our family is in frantic negotiations regarding how much money each chore is worth. It’s an excellent lesson in communication and developing a work ethic. The girls are also taking note of how much their favourite snacks and toys cost when we visit the grocery store. Jessica has realised she has to do the dishes three times to pay for a packet of stickers. This has made her appreciate the stickers even more, and the joy of purchasing them is extended with the anticipation that comes with “saving up” for something you want.

And finally, allowing the girls to piggy bank has been a great way to incorporate more maths into their everyday lives. Tessa is still a bit young to add and subtract by herself, but Jessica is great at counting and she loves helping Tessa figure out how much money she has and how much she needs to buy that chocolate bar. Of all the kids activities I have gotten my little ones to take part in over the past year, this has definitely been the most effective way to combine fun, education, and lessons in life skills! And Hubby couldn’t be more proud of himself for coming up with this wonderful idea.

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