Kids Activities - Ground Closures

by Akkarawuth Kamwan on 20-04-2012
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Kids Activities - Ground Closures

It is a constant source of annoyance for parents and many tears are shed as we become aware that yet again, there will be no sports training or games this week as the councils have closed the grounds due to wet weather. I know there are a few parents out there that secretly jump for joy at this news, as it means a sleep in on a Saturday morning and a lazy start to the day. However, this small moment of pleasure is soon bombarded with the kids crying and fighting because they have not been able to play their beloved sport.

It seems that kids and parents are not the only ones that are over the constant closures of council sports grounds and the subsequent cancellation of kid’s activities.

The AFL said today that it will consider withdrawing funding from the development of sporting facilities in Sydney if the local councils continue to close grounds on wet days.” The AFL is not only concerned with its latest $200 million investment, and the lack of training time and how it effects player development. It is also concerned how these closures effect our kids, their health and the continued rise in child hold obesity.

In days gone by, we would just keep playing sometimes we couldn’t even see the rain was so hard. However, all it did was add to the fun and team spirit.  I am not sure why the councils are so keen to close grounds all the time. Obviously, there are times when grounds do need to be closed. However, the other times, is it a funding issue? Maybe if the grounds are dug up by boots it costs the councils time and money to repair the fields. Maybe I am not sure.

I do however; wonder if the councils are just plain scared of being sued in these days of litigation?

As a parent, I think it is great that finally, we have a body behind us that actually has some power to do something about this. Individually, I do not see how we can influence are councils. I am sure the local sporting associations; probably do not have much power either. However, with the AFL raising their concerns, maybe a few more of the big sporting bodies will put their weight behind this and push for a solution. For a comprehensive list of your local sporting grounds search the ActiveActivities Directory.

Kids there is hope yet - that this craziness may end.

Have Fun Kids!