It’s party time! 4 quick tips for a worry-free kids party

on 12-07-2013 Kids Venues
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It’s party time! 4 quick tips for a worry-free kids party

I’ve got two daughters under 10, and a one year old son, so that’s three kids birthday parties a year I have to think about! Any parent will know this means a lot of planning and work.

These days there are lots of great party venues, and party hire shops to supply all the decorations and costumes you can think of. You may even come up with some specialised kids activities or party themes to excite your little ones – my daughter loved her Dora the Explorer party earlier this year!

Don’t forget though, the main thing you want your child to remember is that they had a good time. The aim is to avoid a group of howling, crying kids overwhelmed with too much excitement and sugar! This might happen if you’ve loaded up on cakes and other treats as part of your catering. The good news is that if you plan well, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Here are some great tips for keeping things running smoothly:

Discuss the party with your child before it starts

Make sure your birthday darling remembers to have good manners - saying “Hello, thank you for coming to my party” will set everyone off on the right foot.

Ask other parents to attend the party

Being in charge of a huge group of kids can be more challenging than you might think – most parents will be happy to help if you ask them. It’s likely you’ll need a spare set of hands!

Don’t plan too many games

Kids get tired and upset if they have to do too much. Pick a few key games, and if you find one they’re all enjoying – let them play it again and again. As long as they’re happy, mission accomplished!

Make sure games aren’t too competetive

Some kids will be upset if they feel like the ‘loser’ of a game. It’s best to avoid this by playing some games that no one person ‘wins’ –such as doing craft activities together,  or a team sport where a group shares the win or loss.

There are countless fun activities you can incorporate into your kids’ birthday party – check the Active Activities directory for lots more ideas!