How to stay active during rainy days

by DV DV on 06-04-2015 Kids Health & Fitness
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How to stay active during rainy days

It’s easy to come up with fun activities for kids when the weather is picture perfect with cool breeze and blue sky outdoor. But what to do when the weather is miserable with dark clouds and non-stop rain? There’s no need to put the fun on hold just because of some rain. We’ve come up with 6 fun active activities that guarantees to keep your kids busy even during the gloomiest rainy days.

  1. Bowling
    Rain or shine, bowling is something that can be enjoy with family and friends. It is as much a great way to socialise as it is a sports with just the right amount of healthy team rivalry. For kids that prefer less faster-paced strenuous sports, bowling is a great alternative. Lifting the weight of a small bowling ball can help to work the muscles in the arms, legs and chest of your little ones.

  2. Mini golf
    Mini Golf is a great creative indoor sports game for kids. It requires creative thinking and problem solving skills to get through obstacles in each stage. Your kids will also love the different themes at different mini golf venues, from ancient castles to Jungle wilderness - guarantee to keep your kids amused throughout the game. If you’re up for the challenge, why not stage your own backyard mini golf adventure. Be creative and use items around the house to stage obstacles for the game. For example, empty cardboard boxes as caves and empty cups placed on its side as holes for the golf balls.

  3. Indoor basket ball
    Here’s an easy solution to a crying kid wanting to shoot some hoops outdoor during rainy days - stage a basket ball court indoor! Empty your paper basket or use your laundry basket as hoops and use a rolled up sock or small round bean bag as the ‘basket ball’. To make it as close to the real game as possible, apply the same rules as you would to outdoor basketball.

  4. Table Tennis
    Remember how fixated the fictional movie character - Forrest Gump became to Table Tennis (Ping Pong)? This is understandable as Table Tennis is often described as ‘high-speed chess’ that requires high mental alertness from players. Table Tennis is an entertaining sports that all family members can enjoy and best of all, it is easy to set up. Just make sure you have sufficient moving room around your Table Tennis table so that you and your kids won’t have to restrict your movement when playing.

  5. Indoor Volleyball
    There’s no need to let a bit of rain keep your kids from doing something active. There is a wide range of indoor sports to keep your little ones busy on the days that weather isn’t ideal. Indoor Volleyball is a fun indoor sports that help your kids stay in good shape, as they will be constantly running, jumping, diving, swinging their arms and bending their knees during the game. It is also a great sports to learn teamwork skills - whether playing doubles or a six-plater game. A great alternative that’s just as fun is balloon volleyball. All you need is your regular party balloons and tie a piece of yarn or clothesline to divide group of kids into teams.

  6. Dance
    Rainy days don’t have to be all doom and gloom, put some colour back into your kids’ days by putting on their favourite up-beat tunes. Let them dance themselves silly or invent some cool dance moves together. Meanwhile, you can prepare hot chocolates and their favourite snacks to help recharge their energy level afterwards.