Calisthenics for your kids activity

by Akkarawuth Kamwan on 02-02-2012
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Calisthenics for your kids activity

Calisthenics some people say they do not know much about this sport. The origins of the word come from Greek words meaning beauty and strength. Callisthenics is a form of physical exercise. It consists of a variety of rhythmical movements which when performed vigorously will become aerobic exercise which can benefit both muscular and cardiovascular fitness in adults and children alike. Often, we are all practicing or using parts of callisthenics without realising it. Callisthenics general uses are as a warm up before sport. We probably all use some of the stretches, and most people would use some of the exercises during their workout. Some of the common callisthenic exercises that we all use are sit-ups, squats, calf – raises, push-ups.

In Australia, we are fortunate we have a team-based performing art that is know as “Australian Calisthenics”. This art form began in the early 1900’s and has been solely a female art form until recently. Australian calisthenics were created in Australia and differ from the rest of the world, as we have competitions, which are choreographed performances instead of a set of simple exercises.

There are different levels of calisthenics, some calisthenics clubs are non – competitive, and other calisthenic schools will compete at a number of competitions, on stage in costumes during the year.

As a kid’s activity callisthenics has something for every child. Sports, performing arts, competitions, dressing up. Due to the nature of calisthenics, it can be categorised as both a sport and a performing arts kid’s activity.

The ActiveActivities directory details calisthenic clubs through Australia. These clubs offer classes for pupils aged 3 years and above on both a competitive and non-competitive level.

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