Back to School Kids Activities

by Akkarawuth Kamwan on 02-02-2012
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Back to School Kids Activities

For six wonderful weeks, you have been free. No, school or timetables, no homework just having fun.

Maybe you have been on an amazing holiday with your family or you have enjoyed staying up late, sleeping in and staying in your PJ’s for most of the day. However, now it is time to go back to school or maybe even start school – nothing is the same as last year everything is different. New classes, new teachers, new timetables and new friends. You are excited or maybe a little nervous either way - What to do?

There is a thousand things you need to remember like:

  1. Eat your breakfast & pack a healthy lunch
  2. Listen to your teacher,remember your timetable and all the different classes and rooms you are in
  3. What uniforms to wear and when to wear them, or when  take your sports uniforms
  4. Find a music teacher
  5. Cover your books - the list is endless

The first few weeks at school are tiring even for older kids as there are so many adjustments and things for them to do. As parents, let us try to break the endless list down into 2 items that kids can remember:

  1. Try hard - covers everything that the kids need for school
  2. Be a good friend. How can kids be a good friend?
  • Smile
  • Listen
  • Share
  • Play nicely
  • Include everyone

After we have all survived the school day, there is the after school kids activities. What kid’s sports would you like to try? Search the ActiveActivities directory for ideas.  When you first start school generally, the teachers recommend for your first term to take it easy on the kids activities after school as children tire easily and need rest time. However, it is registration time for winter sports like rugby union and soccer. My suggestion is register for your winter kid’s activities and do not take on to many additional kids activities this first term. You may already have quite a list of kid’s activities after school already. Kids get use to your new routine. You are going to have an amazing year embrace it.

Remember to Have fun Kids!