5 family activities to make this Christmas more meaningful

by DV DV on 22-12-2014 Kids Education
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5 family activities to make this Christmas more meaningful

Christmas is a time to be grateful for what we have and the people we have in our lives to spend it with. It is a time to show appreciation for one another and enjoy each other’s company. Christmas is an ideal time to keep up or start new family holiday traditions. It can be something as simple as preparing Christmas dinner together or decorating the family Christmas tree. These simple yet meaningful activities are what you and your family will be cherishing for years to come.

  1. Notes of Gratitude
    This year, instead of decorating the family Christmas tree with Christmas ornaments, gather the family to write notes of gratitude to hang on your tree. For a crafty spin, take your kids out to the backyard or parks and gather branches to make a homemade gratitude tree to hang the notes on. If you have some spray cans handy at home, give the branches splashes of red and green to match the festive mood.

  2. Christmas Movie Marathon
    Every Christmas, our family block out an entire day for a Christmas movies marathon session at home. We’ll gather together all the kids’ favourite Christmas movies from the previous years (and any new additions), popcorn, gingerbread cookies, milkshakes, pillows and blankets ready for a long day of snuggling and movie watching. My suggestion for Christmas movies to add your collection are Home Alone, Elf, The Nightmare before Christmas and Miracle on 34th street.

  3. Giving back as a Family
    If your kids belong to a community scouts, this is the time of year to encourage them to get involved in community activities to help out those in need in the neighbourhood. As a family, there are many volunteering activities to get involve in to help out those less fortunate than you. Have your kids gather together toys, clothes, books and games that they no longer want and help them gift wrap them as donations to their choice of charities. Also be on the lookout for volunteering activities around your local retirement homes, homeless shelters and children hospitals where any extra help is always appreciated around this time of the year

  4. Spread the food with Love
    Sharing good food with those you love will make Christmas even better and more meaningful. This Christmas, set aside some time in your family kitchen for some serious baking and cooking! Before starting, make sure each family is assigned with a task that they enjoy – for example, putting the icing on the gingerbread man or rolling out the dough… This is supposed to be an enjoyable family activity, not a miserable one. Give the food you've prepared with love to neighbours, friends, family members that have made a positive impact on your life this year.

  5. Put on a Christmas Show
    Everyone is a star at the family Christmas show! The show is about bringing family together and having a good time so it can be about a play, songs and dance or even comedy acts. Everyone is guaranteed to be kept busy working together to prepare props, costumes and rehearsals that it’ll make the experience a memorable and enjoyable one. Make sure you film the show and add it to your family video collection.

I hope my blog article today has provided you with new ideas to add to your annual family Christmas traditions. With some creativity, there are so many ways that you can make kids activities into something meaningful. Be sure to look through our ActiveActivities directory if you need more inspirations for this festive season. Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.