Revamp this 90s sport and get your roller blades on!

by DV DV on 18-01-2015 Kids Hobbies
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Revamp this 90s sport and get your roller blades on!

Remember when Rollerblading was all the rage back in the 90s – before it was overtaken by skateboarding? There’s something cool and relaxing about cruising down the streets of your neighbourhood or by the beach and feeling the breeze against your face. It's a fun and active sports to get into at any age and a great way to keep fit while having fun. Here are some tips on how you can get your kids into rollerblading in a safe and fun way.

  1. Safety First
    Firstly, let's talk safety. Reality is no matter how fun rollerblading appears, your kids are not going to have a good time if they end up with bodies full of bruises and pool of blood. There are essential protective gears that you'll need to get for your kids: helmet, knee and elbow pads and wrist guards. When choosing a good pair of rollerblades for your kids, make sure they're the perfect fit – not too tight and too loose. If you're unsure whether your kids will enjoy roller skating, you can start off by hiring the gears before you invest in buying them their own.

  2. Let's talk about locations
    Taking your kids out for their first skate is a lot like taking them out for their first bike ride. The important thing to remember is to take things slow and gradually increase the level of difficulty for them when they feel confident and comfortable. Take them to flat grassy area like a park while they skate by your side for the first time. When they're ready, take them to slanted area of pavement to get them familiarise with skating on different surface. If you are stuck for ideas on where to take your kids, browse through our ActiveActivities directory for a list of Rollerblading venues near you.

  3. Leave it to the Professionals
    If you don't feel confident enough with your roller blading skills, it's best to hand it over to the professionals. Enrol your kids in Rollerblading classes or have them join a club where they’ll be learning to skate amongst other kids of their age. Professional coaches have the knowledge and skills to pass on not only all the basics but also to coach your kids to take their roller balding passion to the next level

  4. Get social!
    Once your kids get the hand of roller blading, they’ll learn that roller blading is more than just an active activity for kids. Roller blading is also a great social activity to share with friends. Roller blading venues and clubs often run social activities for young kids to meet people with a similar interests as them. The next time your kids are stuck for ideas on fun things to do over the weekend, suggests to them to gather a group of friends and go roller blading at somewhere fun.