Playing a Musical Instrument as a kids activity

by Akkarawuth Kamwan on 04-01-2012
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Playing a Musical Instrument as a kids activity

Learning to play a musical instrument offers many benefits for us all, but especially our kids.

1. Playing a Musical Instrument helps with kids school work The significant research undertaken by scientists suggests that children who are exposed; to music, or who learn to play an instrument, do better in school than those who do not. Personally, I know many parents and teachers that have witnessed a Childs academic progress increase once they start to play musical instruments.

2. Learning a Musical Instrument Teaches Discipline One of the qualities musicians possess is discipline. Learning an instrument is not easy. True musicians practice for many hours a week. Now our kids are not going to turn into Musicians overnight. However, playing an instrument can start to teach our children what dedication is, and what discipline is needed for success not only in the musical field but also in any endeavour in life.

3. Achievement Once kids can play a few noisy notes and have mastered their first and simplest piece of music you will see how proud they are of their achievements and the great sense of satisfaction they have. Music is one of life’s simply joys and you will see it for yourself in your kid’s faces as they play away thinking they are one of the greatest musicians of our times.

4. Playing a Musical Instrument is Fun Kids say the best things about playing musical instruments are:

1. Be in the school Band and get to spend more time with your friends 2. Go on School Music camps 3. It’s fun 4. You get to play music for people and perform for your parents and friends 5. Its really Cool

Today there are so many great role models for our kids in the music industry. For young girls & boys there are the guitar soloists that are making great names for themselves. Many piano,keyboard and brass players. For a full list of the different types of musical instruments, your kids can try to learn visit the musical instruments section in the ActiveActivities directory.