Make it Fun, Creative & Economical this Summer!

by Claire Dundreee on 21-11-2013 Kids Play
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Make it Fun, Creative & Economical this Summer!

Summer is all about making the most of the abundance of sunshine and spending it outdoor with the kids. This summer, I’ve put my family to the challenge of coming up with kids activities that are fun, creative and economical. I want my kids to enjoy mother nature as much as possible during summer but at the same time, I want them to do something fun and creative that won’t break my bank account.

Give the following summer kids activities a try. Each of them have been tried and tested by my own kids and have been given the tick of approval!

  1. Time to work on that garden you’ve been neglecting!
    Summer is the perfect time to get out your gardening tools and get that backyard garden that you’ve been neglecting back into shape. Most kids love getting their hands and feet dirty out in nature. Take this opportunity to start introducing your kids to the many benefits of gardening. This summer, my kids and I are planting cherry tomatoes and peas to make fresh salads with.

  2. Organise an outdoor Scavenger or Treasure Hunt
    All kids love adventures - especially those that takes place beyond the home backyard. Get out the compass, maps, binoculars, tents, toy treasure chest and plan a scavenger or treasure hunt at the local parks, national parks or lakes. Look up adventurous outdoor activities for kids on our directory for some inspiration. Make it educational - teach your kids navigational skills such as how to read a map and use a compass. Set up puzzles for them to solve that involves identifying local trees and animals. .
  3. Get creative with beach craft
    Beach and summer just goes together. Taking your kids out for a day out in the beach is one of the most economical and fun things your family can do together. Not only that, beaches are filled with natural resources that makes great arts and crafts creations. Last summer, my kids and I used the beautiful seashells we’ve collected from the local beach to frame the edges of our bathroom mirror.
  4. Dress up for a backyard theatre
    Talk to the local moms and dads in your area and transform your backyard into a great summer theatre stage. This is a great opportunity for all the local kids to get involve and learn about team work. Pick a play or make one up and assign roles to each of the local kids. Give them responsibilities to help organise the food menu, design the costumes and props for the stage. Look up places to hire fancy dress and costumes for kids in your local areas to get started!
  5. Picnic and kite flying under the summer sun
    Take advantage of the summer breeze and teach your kids how to construct a home made kite. Kites are very fun and cheap to make at home so why not let your child’s imagination run wild and make a whole day of it. My kids had a lot of fun recently painting animal faces on their home made kites. We then packed a picnic basket and took them out for a ‘test-fly’ at our local beach.
  6. Take the traditional memory matching game to a whole new level
    Memory matching games are great ways to keep your kid’s mind sharp and active. A friend of mine told me about this great idea the other day about creating a giant lawn memory matching game for her kids. The idea is to get your kids to spray paint objects that symbolises summer: watermelon, sunglasses, palm tree onto big tiles, made out of cardboards. I can guaranteed you that your kids will have endless hours of fun playing this DIY giant lawn memory matching game in the backyard.

Don’t stop here. There are endless possibilities of fun, creative & economical summer kids activities waiting for you to discover. Head over to our kids activities directory and start brainstorming!

Claire Dundreee

Claire, a hands on mother with two young girls and a baby boy, has been blogging for 2 years. Having grown up in an artistic family, Claire is delighted that her daughters have inherited her creative streak. Painting, drawing, and pottery are regular activities in the Drundree’s Durban home, which also includes Claire’s very patient husband. Claire understands not all mothers have as much time with their children as she does, and hopes her blogging can help busy mums find quick and easy ways to get creative with their kids.