Kid’s Top 10 Favorite Face Painting Designs

by Akkarawuth Kamwan on 22-03-2013 Kids Arts & Crafts
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Kid’s Top 10 Favorite Face Painting Designs

As a housewife and Mum, I try to make sure that every moment I spend with my kids is quality time that lasts. That is why I never fail to be with them during special occasions. I also realized one way which I could bond with my children during my free time: Face painting!

Face painting is an enjoyable activity that you can do on holidays, birthdays, Halloween or simply just as a fun family activity. It is relaxing as well as fun. You and your kids can play with it by creating unique designs that reflect your imagination. Considering this as one of your  activities for kids is a great idea.  

As for the face painting designs, I interviewed my friends to find out what are the top 10 face painting designs that their kids like. As it turns out, their comments match those of their kids.

The top 10 kids face painting designs are:

  • Monster's
  • Superhero
  • Lion/Tiger
  • Dog
  • Dinosaur
  • Butterfly
  • Cat
  • Bunny
  • Garden Fairy
  • Princess

Face painting is normally done at parties and festivals. It involves the application of paints and/or make-up products using brushes. Take note, that the content of such paints must be suitable for the skin to avoid having rashes and other skin problems. For those with sensitive skin, it is better if the make-up or paint content is proven to be hypo allergenic.

When it comes to designs, face painting designs can start from simple images of flowers, bees and butterflies that are drawn on the cheeks and arms of children to quite advanced designs. Beginners normally draw hearts, lightning, diamond and other miniature shapes. As for the pros, they can create more elaborate designs such as a tiger, a garden nymph, or even a hideous monster, out of the faces and bodies of various people. But it certainly entails practice and patience to make such designs more lifelike.

Face painting also comes in different kits with colors and brushes to match the design that it represents, along with user-friendly instructions for the non professionals. It is not so difficult. Just let face painting reflect your irresistible personality through your imagination and creations and everything else follows.

My kids and I can also fight boredom on rainy days by bringing out my face painting tools and playing with them. Kids activities nowadays are far from the ordinary but you can still bring back the good old days with face painting. You can be the children’s source of fun and laughter plus, it can provide you with a creative outlet and a stress buster. Try it because it is very rewarding and a great family and kids activity.

To find learn more about face painters and to find some in your local area search  the ActiveActivities directory  and say goodbye to stress and stay young-at-heart.

Until next time - Have Fun Kids!