Kids Activities - Lets give them a miss!

by Akkarawuth Kamwan on 03-08-2012 Kids Sport Activities
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Kids Activities - Lets give them a miss!

There has been a lot in the press of late  of kids having a day off school for other reasons than sickness.

Some of the more crazier reasons I have encountered of late are,Siblings birthdays,Shopping days,It's my birthday - let's have a day off school. What happened to the excitement of taking cakes to school on your birthday?  Family days: What's the weekend for?  Or I just didn't feel like going to school today.

Seemingly, gone are the days when parents, especially the stay at home parents & carers,  just couldn't wait for 9am to get the kids to school and have a bit of peace.  It appears many of us are happy to keep our kids at home with us a lot these days. This also extend to extracurricular kids activities.  Kids are joining sports clubs and sports teams and then not really committing themselves to their chosen kids activities.  In,  infants and primary school I know  what a lot of you are thinking. The poor kiddies they are so young what does it matter at this age if they take a day off? It's no big deal!.

Well I for one do think it is a big deal - because what are we doing?

We are setting precedence for future behavior - that extends far beyond the primary school years.

This lackadaisical approach to school and kids activities, can and does extend all through school and into the work place. I am sure many of you are witnessing the approach the newest members to the work force have. Days are taken off regularly and for no particular apparent reason. They seem to think it is their right, just to not go to work or call in sick and then have a fun day.

As we know many attitudes, habits and behavioral traits  are developed and cemented in us, in  our younger years. As parents, I believe we really need to think carefully, how we approach kids days off school and sporting activities.  After all we are Aussie's and we don't want to raise "wimpy kids".

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Have fun Kids!