Kids Activities - Are your kids Normal?

by Akkarawuth Kamwan on 20-02-2013 Kids Education
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Kids Activities - Are your kids Normal?

Are my Kids Normal? Sometimes they do strange things ! I sometimes wonder if they are "Normal". Much of the behavior of kids when they are very young we put down to them being young and kids. We as parents  to some degree do try to tolerate this as normal kids behavior. However, our main focus is to try and educate our kids into "growing up".  But, take a look at the list,  bearing in mind this list is specifically designed to help parents of kids in the age bracket of 2,3,4, years old. Are you thinking the same as me? It would appear most of the attributes of "toddlers" are actually present in teenagers and even some adults.  This is not  a "modern day"   issue that has developed with technology.  Sadly, it would seem it takes many of us, perhaps 20 years or more to learn this  if ever. One would have to argue that  we are quite slow learners in the behavioral area of life.

Most 2,3,and 4 year olds

  • Say "No" refuse to do what is expected or asked
  • Waste time eating dressing and washing
  • Leave tasks undo, start but never finish
  • Wriggle around, will not sit still
  • Laugh, squeal, jump around most of the time
  • Grab toys, shove, hit others
  • Refuse to Share with other kids
  • Ask for unnecessary help
  • Cry & sulk easily
  • Pick nose
  • Love to stay close to Mum & Dad
  • Show off
  • Criticize other kids
  • Boss other kids around
  • Don't want to sleep
  • Refuse food
  • Speak indistinctly

One third to a half of kids

  • Chew anything available
  • Are shy, or fearful
  • Tell unrealistic stories
  • Won't play with other kids
  • Suffer from jealously

More than a quarter of kids

  • Bite nails, twitch or play with body parts that shouldn't be played with
  • Destroy toys
  • Have temper tantrums
  • Wet themselves during the day

I have saved the best for last, below 3 are my favorites. I just have to wonder, are these boys behaviors? Or are these kids just copying their Dads?

  • Pay no attention to what they are asked to do
  • Are impossible to reason with
  • Grumble, whine and whinge constantly

Are your kids activities "Normal"?  What is normal anyway! If you are still yelling, pleading, or bribing  your kids, and teenagers to get some manners and "grow up". Take heart, it probably will happen . Yes they are "normal". Your kids are just hanging onto their childhood as long as possible.

If you really are struggling with your kids activities, maybe some of them can be solved by getting your kids involved with new children.  Browse the ActiveActivities directory for ideas in your local area.

Have Fun Kids!