How to train your kids to be tomorrow’s leaders

by DV DV on 15-03-2015 Kids Education
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How to train your kids to be tomorrow’s leaders

There’s no denying that one of the common traits of successful people is strong leadership skills. A great leader possess excellent communication skill, ability to delegate, confidence, commitment to the team and many other lifetime skills. Think of all the great inspirations Steve Jobs has given to the Apple team. Whether your kid is quiet and shy or the loud and confident type, they all have what it takes to become tomorrow’s great leaders.

  1. Build up their self esteem
    In order to be a good future leader, you must have strong beliefs in yourself before leading others. For today’s young kids, it is not easy to not be peer pressure into thinking they’re not beautiful enough or smart enough. Getting your kids into performing arts is one way to help build up your child’s confidence level when dealing with a large group of people. Choose activities that are fun and help to expand their social circle. The more different kind of people your child encounters, the more confident they will become in communicating with people.

  2. Help them get organised
    Teaching your kids how to get organised can starts at the small everyday tasks of allocating them specific day of the week to help out with the washing, dishes and other house chores. Start a family calendar that list each family member’s weekly responsibilities around the house to help your kids get organised. If you feel like your kids are ready to step up in taking on more responsibilities, why not encourage them to organise their own garage sale to sell their unwanted toys, clothes and books or help to organise the next family party.

  3. Get them working in teams
    It is important to have your kids get used to the idea of working in teams. This is particularly true for the case of only child. There are many kids activities that promotes team work, such as enrollign them in a sports team and encourage them to sign up to youth centres that run regular team based activities for young people. Your local Youth Club will be a great starting point. At home, you should encourage the concept of ‘working in a team’ to get things done more efficiently and effectively. Even something as small as helping out dad to wash the car can promote goood team work.

  4. It’s all in the communication!
    Kids can be loud and a nuisance but they can also be shy and often struggles to communicate their ideas in a clear manner. At school, children are coach by their teachers on their written and oral communication skills. You can build on this at home by playing simple games with your kids such as charade, which require some ‘outside of the square’ thinking that don’t just solely rely on verbal communication skill.

For more leadership driven kids activities, browse through our ActiveActivities directory for more ideas and inspirations. No matter what age your kid is, they can benefit from learning leadership skills that will guarantee to benefit them well into adulthood.