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    Small, half day, home-based play group / playschool / preschool / nursery school for 2 & 3 year olds inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy and Peaceful Parentling/Teaching techniques (no time outs/shouting/punitive punishment). Respectful relationships between inspirer and child. Orchards, JHB. Enquiry-based learning about the world following the children's interests, and a lot of play, play, play. Imaginary, outdoor, gross motor, fine motor, balance, construction/constructive, music, drama, ... Read more language. Large garden with Fantasy Forest, Jungle Gym, Wendy house, Trampoline, Bikes and Sandpit. Lots of Art especially process art, where the child interprets their world through this creative outlet with no end goal in place but to create what they feel. Lots of fun and stimulating activities to build those little bodies and stimulate thinking. Orchards, Oaklands, Houghton, Highlands North, Waverley, Melrose, Norwood and surrounding areas. Fees R27k per annum (3 terms); R9k per ...

    Overall rating: 5 out of 5  

    Amazing School

    03-04-2017 by Justin Muthusamy

    I registered for the 2017 year for my 2 year old daughter. It is a really amazing atmosphere to be in for her and she really enjoys the friendly teachers and open play spaces. The activities are really varied and enjoyable. As a parent i also connected with the fact that the school gives the kids a freedom to explore and learn on their own rather than following a rigid programme. The teachers Lebo and Patience are amazing with the children and very patient and understanding. They also take time to explain and educate them while giving them the freedom just be kids.

    Little Explorers Club

    17-03-2017 by Lisa

    A small boutique play group for 2 and 3 year olds. Lovely big garden where toddlers can use their imagination to explore and play outdoors. A fun a way to introduce children to the joys of playing and exploring in nature.


    17-03-2017 by Zaheera

    Little Explorers Club looks like a place full of laughter, love, fun and entertainment. I am sure any child would thoroughly enjoy this preschool.

    Holiday Club

    25-10-2016 by Claudia

    Little Explorers is a great place for our little to explore and learn about the wonders of our world. The facilities have been thoughtfully put together to encourage this wonderment coupled with a beautiful garden for little legs to run! The team was so great with my boys (2&3yo) and they thoroughly enjoyed holiday club. Can't wait for the next one!

    Answer from Little Explorers Club on 16-11-2016:
    Thanks Claudia, we loved happy your special boys. I'm glad they enjoyed the approach and had fun at Holiday Club. Wish you lived closer so they could come to Play School :)

    Love Reggio & Little Explorers

    25-10-2016 by Michelle Paice

    As a fan of the Reggio Emilia Method, Little Explorers has an immediate and exciting Reggio Feel. The classroom environment is creative, warm, inviting, highly tactile and stimulating. The expansive garden is an inspirational and magical space where little people can embark on daily adventures and be inspired to do, what they do best … learn through play! The teaching style is warm, empathetic, gentle and nurturing…..

    Answer from Little Explorers Club on 16-11-2016:
    Hi Michelle, Thank you for your delightful review! We loved having your little boy at holiday Club and hope to see you next year.

    Teaching & playing the piano are among my biggest passions in life. At Piano–Forte, our biggest goal is guiding students to become the best pianists they can be while having lots of fun! Founded in 2013 & based in Musgrave Durban, we are a modern, dynamic & proudly diverse piano studio, teaching students from various walks of life aged 6 to 60! Students play & explore a wide variety of musical genres (classical, jazz, Bollywood, Latin, worship & more), however our biggest focus is on contemporary ... Read more music. Piano–Forte hosts a number of recitals each year to develop our students’ confidence in performing for an audience. We also encourage all students to share their music with others by performing at school events, recitals & competitions. I’ve had many students, (children, teenagers & adults) who initially did not believe they would be able to perform in front of an audience of strangers. It brings me great joy to help these students conquer their fears & achieve something ...

    Overall rating: 5 out of 5  


    25-02-2019 by Nina Basson

    After leaving my previous teacher due to unforeseen circumstances, I joined Piano-Forte with Manishka Bhogal as my teacher, in May 2018. My first piece was “Clouds” by Pam Wedgwood, after a few of lessons Manishka said that it would be great to have that piece played at the end of the year recital. I was very doubtful; I had not mastered any of the pieces that I had previously worked on. One of my difficulties was timing, but she said that my timing would be good in 2 to 3 months. She gave me easier pieces so that I could build a solid foundation, I feel that I made great progress throughout the year. It is specially gratifying to have developed fairly good timing. Before the end of the year I had mastered “Clouds” and had worked on many other pieces. Manishka always comes up with strategies that work, she seems to know exactly how to get her students where she wants them to be. I had not planned to move to another school but am glad that I did.

    5-star lessons

    18-01-2019 by Fiona

    My daughter (aged 13) has attended lessons with Manishka for about a year. Manishka's professionalism, patience and amazing talent is the reason for my daughter's confidence and growth in playing the piano/keyboard. I would highly recommend Piano-Forte.

    Piano Lessons

    09-01-2019 by Isha

    Just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for all your efforts during the course of you teaching me. I still cannot believe that I played to an audience last night! Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me. You have played such an important part of my journey this year and I will always be truly grateful to you. You have a phenomenal gift (the Queen medley was awesome!) and I hope that you will continue to teach and inspire others the way you have done for me!

    Piano Forte = Greatness

    31-05-2017 by Arisha

    My daughter having no background to playing the piano or reading music started at Piano Forte in February 2017 - she can now read music from the prescribed books and convert that to beautiful melodic music on her keyboard. Manishka developed her self confidence by encouraging her students, instils patience in them to learn a piece and appreciate the essence of Music as a whole.

    Piano Forte = Great Results

    31-05-2017 by Arisha

    My daughter having no background to playing the piano or reading music started at Piano Forte in February 2017 - she can now read music from the prescribed books and convert that to beautiful melodic music on her keyboard. Manishka developed her self confidence by encouraging her students, instils patience in them to learn a piece and appreciate the essence of Music as a whole.

    Bloubosrand Montessori is a private pre-school with a homely environment we cater for ages from 1 year to 6 years. Learning through the senses. Life skills activities, Language & Math's curriculum. Individual and group learning. Small class ratios. Qualified Montessori Directress. All staff trained in First aid & CPR. Independent extra murals offered. Independent transport ,after care and extra lessons.Register now and qualify for a discount. School fees also includes Swimming and Action ball. ... Read more All small classes. Pre-School hours : Monday to Friday from 06h30am - 18h00pm. Meals included. After care available. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram , Bloubosrand Montessori.

    Overall rating: 5 out of 5  


    10-07-2018 by Meaghann

    Ava, a 5 year old is reading and writing, and I cant even tell you how happy her journey has made me. The focus on quality education is what got me interested in the school and the passion and patience of the teachers has kept me there. I am so happy with Ava's progress and if you are a parent that would love your kids to learn in a positive and enabling environment, then this is the school for you!

    Answer from Bloubosrand Montessori Pre-School on 17-07-2018:
    Dear Meaghann, Its a pleasure to be Ava's teacher and she is a very pleasant child. We strive to do our best everyday in making a difference in the kids lives, because with positive attitude from us we will have a positive outcome from our students. Thank you.

    Bloubosrand Montessori Pre-School

    07-01-2016 by Cathy Nkomo

    I just want to take this platform to thank you for your great work your big heart and your love for children. Bloubosrand Montessori Preschool is more than just a school to me but became a home away from home for Chichi. As she moves on she takes a lot from the school today she is ahead of herself because of the lessons learnt @ the montessori. Words cannot express my gratitude. I can only bless you that in 2016 will only be a blessing God's favour is upon you bloubosrand montessori. More children's lives will be touched by your big heart Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2016

    Answer from Bloubosrand Montessori Pre-School on 13-01-2016:
    Thank you so much, wish chi chi all the best and a brigbright future ahead.
    • Registered child care provider

    You've always wanted to pick up the guitar and play! You pick it up, reality sets in and you remember that you don't actually know how to play it. Someone you know plays and you envy them. You never got around to learning, or you attempted but your instructor was less than ideal. Maybe you have always wanted your child to learn how to become a guitar master. Whatever your situation, I'm here to help! I offer the ultimate beginner guitar classes. Come and learn how to play the guitar in a private ... Read more one on one setting. My classes are step by step and no prior guitar experience is necessary. I personally love taking on students who have never played before. Watching them progress into talented guitarists is really rewarding for me and is the reason I do what I do. Become a guitar master, learn popular songs by artists featured around the globe and reach life long goals and dreams. Results Guaranteed! Your first lesson is free! Contact me today to arrange an obligation free lesson. ...

    Overall rating: 4.4000000953674 out of 5  

    music with mario

    06-06-2017 by doctor Segogoba

    easy to understand teaching method. excellent instructor .

    Answer from Music With Mario on 13-06-2017:
    Thank you Doctor, much appreciated.

    Mario , Mario, Mario

    23-04-2017 by Nditsheni

    What an amazing time my daughter has when having her guitar lessons. Mario is very patient with daughter is 8 and had no experience. ...but NOW, she plays guitar with so much confidence. After 8 weeks of lessons she now knows how to even Tune her own guitar, and she is playing 3 songs already. .....What a wow experience....I'd recommend him to anyone. ..

    Answer from Music With Mario on 08-05-2017:
    So happy to hear it ! I look forward to all the progress we will have together !

    Excellent Guitar classes at Mario's

    18-04-2017 by Nditsheni

    My daughter started from Zero experience....and in 3 weeks she was already playing a song and able to tune her own guitar. He is very friendly with my daughter and makes learning fun.....I highly recommend Mario for 1 on 1 guitar lessons.


    10-04-2017 by Stephne Champion

    From the first telephonic encounter with Mario it has been an incredible adventure. He is professional but makes learning a fun experience. My son has finally found something he enjoys doing and a teacher he can relate to. I highly recommend Music with Mario.

    Answer from Music With Mario on 08-05-2017:
    Thank you. Glad to hear it !

    Excellent guitar lessons

    26-01-2017 by Michelle Bird

    I would highly recommend Music with Mario.He is professional and very good with youngsters.My son has learnt so much whilst having fun too.

    Answer from Music With Mario on 08-05-2017:
    Thanks so much. Much appreciated !!

    Do I need my own guitar before I can start learning?

    Another popular question that gets thrown my way is should a beginner guitarist purchase their own guitar when deciding to take classes? My answer is always a resounding… YES. Let me explain: I do understand that people are afraid to cough up money and purchase a guitar. They are afraid that they might not ‘take’ to it and will end up quitting. With that being said, I’m here to tell you that in order to really give guitar playing a shot, you need your own guitar.Learning how to play is 20% cla...

    Read more

    Why do I need an instructor?

    This is a question that pops into prospective guitarist’s minds.I would like to give you the definitive answer as to why you do.We live in a day and age where there is an abundance of freely available information. All you have to do is hit up Google and you can find thousands of videos and articles on how to do anything, including how to play the guitar. ”Why do I need to fork out money then for an instructor?” you might ask yourself.The answer is simple. In order to master anything,...

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